Just Half An Hour

I just started reading a book from 99U titled ” Manage Your Day-To-Day” and so far one of the tips I have picked up is that just committing to do a little bit of something everyday is better than doing a lot of nothing everyday. So that got me thinking. There are so many things I have on my “Want To Do” list but I keep telling myself I just don’t have the time to do them. However, that’s actually not completely true.

If I set reasonable goals for myself I think I can chip away at things I need to get done and not just that, I can also get things done that I want to do, just for the sheer pleasure of them. I need to pay bills, I need to pay taxes, I need to provide for the people who depend on me, I need to show up at work in order to get to do the aforementioned activities.

I tend to get caught up in taking care of all my needs which, though necessary, can sometimes become a drag. That’s because I also want to do lots of things. I want to read more for pleasure and not just for work, I want to do more creative writing. For now, I am only going to start with these two wants because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. So I am setting myself a goal.

Forget SEO, forget page rank, forget SERP results… This blog is for me. It’s my accountability tool for myself. If anyone else finds it, great! Feel free to follow my progress. You can even call me out if you catch me slipping, but please be gentle and kind.

I am setting a goal to start off with. I want to read for at least thirty minutes every day and write for at least thirty minutes every day. Yes, Monday through Friday and Saturdays and Sundays too.

My goal is to read a novel or some other book that interests me but that does not have anything to do with work or business. The reading I am referring to in this goal is simply reading for the sheer pleasure and entertainment of it. The writing I am referring to is my creative writing. This does not include emails, texts, or tweets. This is true creative writing, also for the sheer pleasure f it and to let my creative juices flow.

I will use this blog as my writing platform and to share the books I am reading. So everyday I should be checking in with a summary of my reading for the day. I may use the thirty minutes of writing to do my “book report”, I don’t yet know. I’ll see how things go.

For today I picked up four books I found interesting at the Friends of Palo Alto Library book sale so I will most likely start with one of those.

I’m excited about this “Just Half An Hour” project of mine. Yay!! 🙂

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