Not So Easy After All…

Okay, so when I committed to spend just half an hour a day reading a novel of my choosing (or some other non-business or non-work related book), I was very hopeful that I could do it. Well, that was over the weekend when I had nothing but all day and all night (well, mostly anyway…)

So hello Monday! Things are not quite as easy as I had imagined after all. The reality is that after a long day at work which involved an entertaining trip to the federal courthouse (that’s another story for another blog post though), when I got back home, I’ll be honest, all I had was “The Bachelor Finale and After The Rose” on my mind… Yes, that’s right, I’m a proud passport-carrying citizen of Bachelor Nation.

Confession: I have not yet done my half hour of leisure reading for the day but at least I am getting my half hour of writing done right now. For yesterday’s reading I ended up not reading any of the four book sale books I bought, instead I picked up book I am still in the middle of but had forgotten I was still reading. That’s not a reflection of the book however, that’s more a reflection of my failed intentions.

The book is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett (not an affiliate link). It was a gift from a friend and I like the story because it follows a couple of scientists that work for a drug company and the stories of their lives and all the other characters rotate around the new drug discovery process. My description may sound boring but the book is actually very interesting. I particularly am enjoying it because of my ties to the pharma industry. I think I’ll stick with this book till I finish it although I tend to read more than one book at once.

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