I Have No Title

As a self-professed introverted book lover, I find it interesting that I get my writing done quite easily and way before my half hour of reading. Then again, I read and write to calm myself – writing to calm down after a day of giving my mind and energy to work and reading to calm down and enter peacefully into sleep.

Not so interesting after all I guess.

I did more work on my business today. It’s funny how having an exit strategy just seems to make the unpleasant things about jobs and life much less unpleasant and much more tolerable. Knowing that it’s only temporary because I have decided to make it so, makes it all okay.

I get to to mingle with like-minded people this coming weekend. The idea of networking is a frightening one for an introvert. Everyone says it’s a necessity in business and I guess it is, but the only thing that makes it somewhat bearable in this case is that it is part of my exit strategy. Staying stuck can be painful but at the same time getting unstuck can also be painful. I get to choose my pain in this situation and right now, I choose the pain that will be bring me lasting happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in the long run rather than the one that will earn me a nice paycheck in the short run.

To be sure, I enjoy the paycheck, but right now, it’s the means to my end 🙂

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