This Will Be A Quick One

The conference I am attending didn’t break out for the day until 9 pm tonight.  That’s a first for me. I was okay with that though because if we had let out earlier in the evening, like when we dismissed for dinner, I have no idea how I would have filled the time. Well actually I do… I would have worked on my fledgling business.

Actually, I have to confess that as the time for this conference drew closer I began to feel less inclined to attend. I would have asked for a refund but I had already bought a Southwest “Wanna Get Away” ticket and I did not want to bother hearing what I already knew from them… “you purchased a non-refundable bargain priced plane ticket…” It’s okay. I was actually telling my sister that I have figured out a sure banker way to ensure you never miss a flight… Just try hard to miss it!

How’s that you say? Well, I left my house two hours before my flight was scheduled to depart and ran a couple of errands. After that I headed directly to the airport. By the time I got to terminal I remembered that I had not checked in online when I realized I would have to stand in a long line. I considered standing in line till it was my turn but even that was just too painful, so I whipped out my phone and checked in online then went over to the bag drop off section which had no one waiting. I figured I’d be standing in line at security so it was all good.

Well wouldn’t you know it… I got the TSA Pre-check pass so I sailed right on through security just as if the TSA folks didn’t exist. And thus I made it to my gate before even the flight check in staff.

I didn’t do any leisure reading today but I don’t even feel bad about that. After the long day I just had, I am giving myself grace, and a pass 🙂

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