Waiting Can Be Frustrating

Have you ever had to wait for someone? What about having to wait for someone to do something? How about if that something is a show-stopper for you and you can’t take your next step until that person makes their move? How frustrating is that? As you might guess, that is the predicament I find myself in right now, and so I write…

Sure patience is a virtue and all but what about responsibility? What about keeping your end of the deal? What about delivering on time when and where you’re supposed to? Why can’t we all carry our own weight? Granted, I am speaking out of frustration, especially since I do realize that other people have lives that don’t revolve around the axis of “moi”.

I’ve heard it before… “I refuse to let your lack of planning become my emergency” but what about when that’s the inevitable outcome? I mean, sure, if you find yourself in a bind and need me to help you get unbound, then more of that situation is within my control, I can simply say “yes, I’ll help” orno, I won’t”. But what about when your outcome has an automatic domino effect on me anyway…? Those scenarios never usually work out in the favor of the person waiting.

So instead of having a productive night working on my business, I will have to wait on someone else to take care of a deliverable, and in the meantime I will have to while away the time watching Survivor and Nashville. Sure, that isn’t exactly torturous, but still, good time will be a-wastin’ and I can never reclaim it.

At least I got my half an hour of writing done for the day πŸ™‚

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