Life Gets In The Way Sometimes

I refuse to admit defeat. I had every intention of making writing a daily activity. Well, I suppose if I include taking down phone messages and writing notes on stickies that would all account for something but let’s be real… That is not the kind of “creative writing” I had in mind when I set this goal for myself. But alas, I cheated and told myself that writing is writing, regardless of how creative it is, so my shopping list counted, the reference number for a phone transaction I made counted, and the little reminder I scribbled to myself on my palm while sitting in traffic counted as well. I’m so good to me 🙂

Okay, so I fell off the wagon. It’s amazing how easy it is to keep on not doing something you really want to do when you lose your momentum. I know my writings (wow, that sounds so literary) are not changing the world or bringing any specific type of illumination to anyone but still. It’s a positive habit I have determined to develop in myself.

Today is April Fool’s Day. Why do some people keep playing the same joke over and over every year…? Do they think I forgot? Do they hope I forgot? Sorry folks, I am pretty far from senile. People please, either get creative or just stop! I mean, don’t get me wrong… I am down with the whole pranking thing and all, but seriously, make it worth someone’s while. I’m sure the pranksters want a good reaction because I know that me as a “prankee” want a good joke so let’s try and make it a good experience for everyone all around.

I got a new book too. A friend gave me a book by Teju Cole. It is his second one I believe, and it is titled Every Day Is For The Thief (not an affiliate link). We often exchange books that we find interesting and think each other will enjoy, alas we don’t always agree. She said she read this one in one sitting, talk about setting the bar high. I am looking forward to reading it too. I don’t know why, but I find that unless I buy a book at an airport book shop and immediately start reading on the plane, I have to live with it for at least a couple of days before I commit to reading it. I will report back when I finish it. I can’t guarantee I can do it in one sitting though but if I do then what a testament that will be to the story and the author.

I haven’t picked up State of Wonder since my last writing about it… Sigh 😦

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