My Week Has Been Made

Someone just made my day, actually my week. I have to admit that I am one of those people who if I patronize a business and the wrong thing happens on the wrong day in the wrong way and at the wrong time, I don’t fly off the handle and just start yelling at the staff and demanding a refund or whatever… No, I quietly go home, I research the company, I figure out who the power players and movers and shakers are, yes, the people who actually make things happen in the organization, then I write to them.

By the time I sit down to write to them after doing my extensive research, I usually have a pretty well thought out diatribe and I know with pretty high certainty that it will NOT be ignored. You see, attacking the people at the front lines is not an effective strategy if you are looking for a major response that will go in the direction you want to steer it, you need to go to the helm if you want to steer the ship.

On the other hand, when I am happy with a company or organization that I patronize, I pretty much do the same thing but I take it to the next level. Why? Because if I am taking the time to provide negative feedback to a company, it probably isn’t news to them because most people will file or lodge a complaint much faster than they will a compliment. However, if I am writing to say something good that someone at a company did for me, it is very likely that the higher-ups will only be hearing about that for the first time when it comes from me, so I make sure that I make it count.

Well, I got one such letter, (well, it was an email actually) today. It was from someone who listens to a podcast that I host. I won’t go into the details of what the listener said but as Dr. Phil would say, “…it just warmed my cockles…” (granted, I have no idea what cockles are but…). I know that when I write complimentary letters to others it makes them feel good but men, if it makes them feel as good as this letter made me feel, then I need to do it much more often.

I need to make peoples’ day more often. 

I know there are enough people out there that will take care of making sure people pay for being human, making mistakes or having a bad day, so I will resolve to be on the other team.

Team Complainer – nay.

Team Complimenter – yay!

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