He Thinks I’m A Tech Genius

I’m so happy because I have been neglecting my own writing to focus on helping my dad get his own blog up and running. He’s very easy going so it was a smooth project but he definitely has his own ideas about what he wants his site to look like. It’s still pretty much “under construction” and I feel perfectly guilt-free spending time on his own blog instead of my own.

We just finished today’s tutorial and he made my day… He said he was so happy with the way the blog looked and he thought it was super duper expensive. And best of all, he said he’s thrilled with his new “project” and having a blog makes him feel young. This is coming from a man who knows the latest tech gadgets on the market even before they hit the shelves… I love it! 🙂

My dad thinks I’m a tech genius… Thank you WordPress.com!

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