Sunday Night Pre-Monday Blues

Yes I have them right now… The pre-Monday blues a.k.a. the Sunday night blues. It’s Sunday evening and I am stealing from today’s joy by allowing the thought of another Monday to bring me down. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being somebody else’s employee. I know I’ll be okay by Wednesday but until then…

The good thing (I suppose) is that these doldrums help to spur me on to work on my building my own business. This blog isn’t it, this is just my creative outlet but it also makes for a good place to vent “quietly”.

Despite tomorrow, I had a pretty good day today. After church I cooked up a storm and was done with the spread by 5pm. That made dinner a cinch when it came time to serve it. I even had time to join in on not just one but two Twitter parties; those are always a fun distraction and a good way to meet and connect with like-minded people.

I’ve been so out of it lately, I was lamenting to a co-worker how upset I was that I had missed the whole Cinco de Mayo celebration, and it’s not necessarily because I do anything particularly interesting for it but I at least like to know when it happens. I finally just realized that it’s tomorrow. Well that’s that then… Good to know. 🙂

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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