Niche Blogging Or No-Niche Blogging? I’ve Gotta Do Me

I love realty TV. I also enjoy a great football aka “soccer” match (currently, I just can’t get enough of the FIFA World Cup 2018 games). I also can’t resist a good documentary about North Korea, reptiles, UFOs, and conspiracy theories.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in having a wide array of interests. You probably do as well.

So when it came time to decide on what niche I wanted my blog (this one you’re reading right now) to be, is it any wonder that I couldn’t pick a niche?

So off to Google and YouTube I went…

Embarking on a quest to figure out how to pick not just the right niche for my blog, but also the best and most profitable niche… Because if I’m going to spend time creating and nurturing a blog, surely I want it to pay off in some sort of currency.

I need to back up a bit first… I had to ask myself why I feel the need to explain what my blog’s niche is, if any, and why I need to make the declaration official.

Honest Answer

Because I want you… Because I want readers… Because I want an audience. I want you to find something here that connects with you and keeps you coming back to hear what I have to say next.

If I really didn’t care I’d keep these thoughts in my private paper journal.

I’ve taken all kinds of “how to start a blog” courses. From paid courses to free email courses to of course, skimming off bits and pieces of information on the internet and piecing them together to educate myself.

And except for one course I stumbled upon on Udemy (I didn’t actually take it but I got the message quickly), they pretty much all say the same thing… You have to select a niche.

Well, I’ve done that. I have started about 8 different niche-specific blogs/websites over the years, stretching as far back as my days on SBI! aka Site Build It! 

I never quite understood why everything in the SBI! world ended with an exclamation mark but the website-building system they offered was very educational for me

But I digress…

All that to say, I’ve gone down the niche road before and I know how it goes. I currently have multiple niche sites but I’d be lying if I said boredom has not set in when I contemplate the idea of writing another post on a topic/niche that no longer makes me as excited as it once did.

So I’m striking out… I’m going “rogue”… I’m choosing to write freestyle, footloose and niche-free.

This decision could quite possibly make this blog obsolete forever or, by a stroke of luck, garner a community that is open to the random musings of an essential stranger.

So, I’m throwing caution to the wind and doing it. I’m creating a blog about nothing in particular but everything I find particularly interesting.

I’m going nicheless.

The common thread? My perspective. 

One response to “Niche Blogging Or No-Niche Blogging? I’ve Gotta Do Me”

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