Writing Challenge Day 1: Why I Am Doing This Challenge

It’s taken me a good three days since first deciding to challenge myself to write everyday for 31 days to actually sit down and start writing. Today, my 31-day “daily writing clock” officially begins.

Why I Am Doing This Challenge

Recently I’ve been able to do a lot more introspection. I was challenged by some family members to really try to figure out what I like to do that doesn’t fall under the category of “home/life responsibility” or “work for pay” stuff.

Something that I would like to do for the pure joy of it, with no thought of getting any sort of compensation or remuneration for doing it. Some would call it “a passion” but I’m trying to avoid saying that.

I’ve always relished the idea of writing and specifically, creative writing. In my head I fancy myself to be a storyteller but that’s not something I typically verbalize because… Who doesn’t like to tell stories?

I make up stories in my head then I turn them into productions and then I play them back and watch them… All in my head.

They aren’t novel-like stories, they are just stories I concoct in my mind based on things I see and hear around me or things that happen to or around me.

Sometimes its a re-enactment of an actual event that occurred but with the entire script re-written to produce an entirely different outcome from what happened in real life.

I very often re-write and re-enact entire scenes from my day to see how the story might have ended if all the cast of characters said and did things entirely different from what they actually said and did.

Quite often, these re-writes are comedies because I see the humor in situations that others might have missed and almost never are they tragic… That just comes naturally in real life, I have no desire to make up sad stories.

All that to say… I decided that the “thing” I was going to start doing just for the pure joy of it was writing.

I keep a daily journal, partly because I’m just one of those people, but also because I want to ensure that I write something by hand everyday.

I decided to do a daily blog so as to explore my creative writing abilities.

I don’t know where to begin in order to learn how to be a creative writer or a better one so I decided to start off by just wiring everyday and using a structured challenge that provided the prompts.

So here we are…

I am doing this challenge to help me get into the habit of writing everyday with the eventual of goal of learning how to become a creative writer.


This was actually tougher than I thought it would be and it’s only Day 1.

I’ll be back tomorrow with 10 random facts about myself.

Challenge Day 1

Tasks I Want To Accomplish Today

  • I’m currently home with a sick child so it’ll be an “as things unfold” kind of day
  • Go to the post office to mail passport renewal forms and payment
  • Create listing drafts for some vintage craft books for my Etsy shop


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