Writing Challenge Day 5: Recent Random Act Of Kindness

Alrighty… It’s Day 5 of my 31-day writing challenge and I kind of feel like I broke stride but not really.

I didn’t realize my weekend would be so full and one activity pretty much ran into another and as much as I wanted to sit down and write, I just didn’t. This gives me a whole new level of respect for those who are able to show up everyday on their blogs…

I will continue to strive to get there.

So the more I thought about today’s topic the more I felt like it was a bit self-serving and the more uncomfortable I felt about it.

I think I should have phrased it differently… Instead of making it about a random act of kindness I have done (which, the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like tooting my own horn), I’d rather talk about how someone else showed me a random act of kindness.

The specific act that comes to mind is actually not even an act that was specifically directed toward me and not really one that might be considered “random” or necessarily “kindness” but I choose to regard it as such because it gave me the validation I was looking for.

I’ve mentioned in various places on this blog that I am using it as a personal space to do more creative and personal writing, not focused on any particular niche or business topic.

Specifically, it is quite far-removed from my Etsy-related pursuits and other professional/business stuff.

I wanted a space to write where people hadn’t come to expect anything in particular from me as far what I was talking about but I struggled with wondering if it was a waste of my time to branch out into more creative, less “focused” writing.

As I was driving this weekend I was listening to a podcast and the host just happened to be talking about the pros of personal blogging, and all the reasons he gave for encouraging business bloggers to branch out into personal blogging lined up with all my reasons for doing so! 🙂

He even touched on some things that I hadn’t thought about or considered but which spurred me on even more.

It’s not like I was looking for validation for what I am doing, but it was a nice surprise to get confirmation and encouragement that doing this is most definitely not a waste of time whether or not I have an audience.

So for the hope and inspiration that his words gave me, I consider that podcast episode his act of random kindness to me, even though I highly doubt that he would see it that way.

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What I’m Currently Obsessing Over

So it’s no secret that I love reality TV, and right now with the new season of 90-Day Fiancé in full swing I am all the way here for it and loving it!

From “More To Love” to “Before The 90 Days” to “What Next” to “Happily Ever After”… I love every permutation of this franchise that TLC that throws at us and I just can’t get enough.

I’ve even gotten family members of mine who went through the same 90-Day Fiancé process to become raving fans as well, I just wish the show were around when they were going through their own 90-day process, but at least I got to watch it firsthand anyway and not in weekly 2-hr episodes 😉

Right now I’m rooting for all the couples 🙂


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