Writing Challenge Day 6: Three Current Guilty Pleasures

So first off, what defines a guilty pleasure?

Certainly I don’t mean this to be anything negative or bad… This is supposed to be fun challenge after all 🙂

For me I would say it’s something that I enjoy doing but which really produces nothing productive other than me enjoying that activity at a time when I probably ought to be doing something more productive.

So the pleasure itself is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, I guess the time and place I choose to enjoy it is what stirs up feelings of “guilt”…

But having said that… I still enjoy them and I believe everyone ought to have some guilty pleasures 😉

Guilty Pleasure #1 ~ Reality TV

I love almost every strain of reality TV that there is… Competition shows, adventure shows (it’s my dream to one day go on the Amazing Race), lifestyle shows (like the housewives of just about every city), dating shows, marriage shows… You name it, I will probably like it 🙂

Whenever I get to binge on any of them, I will binge away.

Guilty Pleasure #2 ~ Open Nature Frozen Greek Yogurt (Vanilla Flavor)

I love this stuff!!!

I have two particular “friends in crime” when it comes to this one. We get together as a social event just to eat this delicious treat. A slight consolation for us is that its “Greek yogurt” and isn’t that supposed to be good for you…? Somehow…?

And hey, if it turns out that Greek yogurt isn’t the healthy snack we hope it is, then I don’t want to know… And I’m pretty sure my friends and I will take the ostrich approach to that 😉

Open Nature Yogurt

Guilty pleasure #3 ~ ???

The fact that I can’t think of a third current guilty pleasure makes me wonder if I am giving myself enough treats and time to just enjoy things.

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In Other News…

If you live in the United States then you probably can’t go anywhere without hearing about the upcoming Midterm elections.

So for U.S. residents I have a question (or two) for you…

Do you feel more of a responsibility now to vote than you have in the past or are you unfazed by all the politicking currently going on?

Are you looking forward to Tuesday November 6th, 2018 so you can exercise your right to vote (if you haven’t already), or are you looking forward to it because you want all this political noise to just stop already?



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