Writing Challenge Day 8: Throwback Picture

Happy November!cropped-coleman-watch.jpg

We’re getting ready to turn back the clocks this weekend so it’s shaping up to be a lovely new month already 🙂

For today’s challenge prompt, I really wanted to share a picture of me as a child but I realized that I actually don’t have my childhood pictures here in the U.S.

img_5020-1 Because I came to America for college, all my childhood pictures and childhood memories are back home in Nigeria.

The latest ones of myself in America are from my college days which, if you ask me, are still too recent 🙂

So here’s a relatively “throwback” picture of myself. It pretty much looks like I do today but it still qualifies as a throwback nonetheless.

In Other News…

I am happy that I finally split off everything I’m doing on this blog from my other website as they really are two different “brands”.

No more perching on the other one and potentially annoying the people who follow me on that other site for a different reason than what they are getting from me here.

It feels good to have the two very separate now, like I can really be free to make this blog what I want it to be without feeling like I need to tailor it to anything else I have already done online.

I now have a separate Facebook Page, Twitter account and Instagram account for this blog and I think those are the only social media channels I will have for it.

I’m also going back to basics and watching all the tutorial videos in the WordPress.com support library so that I get this site set up the right way and not miss out on anything.

Even though I’ve used the self-hosted version of WP, I did a lot of “learning as I went” and I wish I had more hand-holding along the way.

So now, I’m going back to the very beginning and working my way through.

I don’t know why, but having this fresh new start from zero is all very exciting for me! 🙂


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