Thanksgiving Day 2018 Wrap-Up

Phew…! I did it!

Thanksgiving 2018 was a resounding success and I have to admit that I quite enjoyed hosting and cooking a lot more than I thought I would.

I guess because I hear a lot more complaints about the stresses of hosting and cooking, I expected it to be hard and such a drudgery but it really wasn’t for me! 🙂

Now I did learn some lessons along the way…

But before I get to that, here are some of the visual highlights of the day 🙂

The washed naked turkey
Some of the ingredients I prepped the night before
Spice mixture for the turkey cavity and outside
Some of the final finished dishes ready for plating and serving

Thanksgiving Mishaps & Lessons Learned

  • What I Did: I made the stuffing myself from scratch and one of the ingredients was “12 cups of cubed bread”… I bought a loaf of bread and cubed the bread by hand
  • What I Learned: You can buy cubed bread from stores specifically for making stuffing… Sheesh…
  • What I Did: Thawed the turkey
  • What I Learned: The turkey farmers stuff the inside of the raw turkey with “stuff” which consists of the turkey neck, a bag with the turkey’s gizzard(s) and giblets… Aaaand, some liquid in a plastic bag to make gravy for the turkey… These must ALL be removed prior to cooking the bird.
  • What I Did: Baked a pumpkin pie
  • What I Learned: When the directions call for a 9-inch pie pan, they mean “a 9-inch pie pan”Not an 8.75-inch pie panWhat a mess, that’s all I’ll say 😦
  • What I Did: The turkey pan I used was a not large enough to hold all the juices that came out so it over flowed into the oven and there was a smokey incident that ensued
  • What I Learned: Always keep some Yankee Candles on hand for such incidents… No one even guessed that the house had looked and smelled like a smokey burnt barbecue grill house a few hours before they all arrived 😉

In Other News…

By the way, I haven’t forgotten or abandoned my 31-Day Writing Challenge… It’s just that ever since I wrote this second book review I’ve become obsessed with doing more of them, but that means I have to read more books I enjoy first! 🙂

I can’t complain about  “having to do more reading” 😉 

The whole idea of doing more book reviews sent me down the rabbit hole of finding and reading other book reviews and following other book bloggers, which opened up the whole world of Booktube and Bookstagram… Whaaaaat!!!???

So, to say the very least, I have been just a tad bit distracted by all these new discoveries I’m making… But I’ll get back on track soon.

I am giving myself the grace and liberty of saying that my 31 days don’t have to be consecutive 😉

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