Selling on Etsy & eBay For A Noble Reason… Or Is It…?

I enjoy listening to podcasts and depending on what’s going on in my life, my podcast programming interests change. The audio drama podcasts are a staple for me though. 🙂

Because I spend quite a bit of time ramping up my online selling these days I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts about selling on eBay and postmark (those are the two platforms I have my sights set on learning more about right now).

I was listening to an episode of one of the new podcasts on this topic that I recently subscribed to. The host asked the guest why or how they had gotten into reselling online and the guest’s response made me pause…

The guest stated that buying items from thrift stores and flipping them online for a profit was his way of helping to save the environment by “rescuing” those items from ending up  in a landfill.


Now, I’m not one to judge another person’s true intentions and I certainly can’t say he wasn’t being truthful… What I can say though, is that that was definitely not the whole truth.


Because unless this person was independently wealthy, which he never claimed to be, why would he be putting all the effort he does in selling online, solely to save planet earth?

It sounds noble on the one hand but it also reeks of disingenuity… In my humble opinion, that is… 🙂 I mean come on… Isn’t there just a little bitty part of you that is doing it for the financial gain?

So now I turn to myself…

The person’s answer made me assess my own motives for selling online. I have just one – financial gain.

When I hear that “ka-ching” on my phone from the marketplace app, my first thought isn’t “Yay!! I just saved something from a landfill!” No… It’s more like “Woohoo…!! I just made some $$$!”

I sell online to make money.

Should I have more noble reasons? Maybe… Or maybe not, the fact is, I just don’t.

However, how I choose to use the income I gain from selling online is a different matter. 

I put a some of it back into my online selling efforts, I spend some on myself, and I make sure I also tithe on it and donate some (when I can) to charitable organizations whose missions I support.

I don’t think this makes me any more noble than that podcast guest, I just think that in this instance, I’m more honest about my motives for being an online reseller.

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In Other News…

I think I’m stalling on finishing up my Writing Challenge Day 19 post… I actually have had it draft mode for going on over a week now (maybe even ten days). I’ll pull the trigger on it so that I can move forward into the 20’s.

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