Writing Challenge Day 19: Current Favorite TV Show(s)

Oh, what to pick, what to pick…?

It’s funny, I thought I watched a lot more TV than I actually do so when it actually came down to picking what my faves were, the pickings were slim, but good (at least for me).

So right now, I have to say, hands down, right now I am thoroughly enjoying 90-Day Fiancé.

I like every single iteration of this very engaging franchise on TLC:

I’m here for it all! 🙂 

I think I especially like this show because I have personal experience with the whole 90-Day Fiancé/K1 Visa life… And there you have it!

In Other News…

I mentioned before that I really enjoyed doing the two book reviews I did here and here, so I’d like to do more of them. To that end, I’m reading a lot more which is actually helping me accomplish multiple goals at once:

  1. Read more books this year, and 
  2. Share them

Book Review Update: Did Not Finish (DNF)

Title: Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One

Author: Raphaëlle Giordano

Book length: 256 pages

Publication date: 2018 (translated from French to English)

Genre: Self-Help (essentially)

List Price: $16.00

Amazon price: Varies – Check it out

Source: My local library

Reading time: Weellllll…..

I saw this book on the “fresh new additions” shelf at my local library and it really sounded like a great read. Plus the fact that it was recently translated from French and touted as a hit in the original French version… I was sold.

Plus, I also liked the font.

I tried to like this book, I really really did. It was an easy read and quick moving too but I soon discovered that rather than being an actual story story, it was really just a self-help book posing as a novel.

I was disappointed with the book and I tried to finish reading it but I just couldn’t. I know some will enjoy it and the twist on presenting self-help topics, but it just didn’t appeal to me personally.

It will probably appeal to someone who likes a lot of self-help books but wants the information presented in a different way.

I’ve moved on to a new book now which I’m enjoying a lot more. Watch out for the review on shortly (hopefully).


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