Writing Challenge Day 21: Calling All Logophiles – Lover Of Words

My word is “Logophile”… It’s not really an obscure word and when I had to decide on just one word I decided that I loved too many words so it just made sense that logophile would be my word.


Lover of words.

Not to be confused with a lexophile, who is also a lover of words, but especially in word games, puzzles, anagrams, palindromes, etc.

Discovering the meaning of the word was like getting a self-diagnosis for me. Once I learned the word, I realized that was what I was!

I love words… I enjoy reading them, defining them, scrambling up the letters in the them and forming new ones. I enjoy a really good word game… From crosswords to word scrambles to word searches…

I’m pretty sure I helped put Zynga on the map when they first launched Words With Friends. Hardly a day passed by when I wasn’t playing that game with random “friends” I’d met through the app.

As an aside, it always bothered me when my opponent would realize that they were going to lose the game and then just stop playing… Ugh…

I don’t play it as much any more. Not because of sore losers, it’s just a time thing… I needed to cut back on my screen time and I had to let many of my gaming apps go.

In Other News

Merry Christmas to you if that’s what you celebrate… I do. 🙂

Alternatively, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, Seasons Greetings, Feliz Navidad, etc.

So today marks the official end of the Hallmark Christmas movie season. Actually, for all I know they could very well continue until the end of the month but technically, officially, this is it.

How did you celebrate the day?


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4 responses to “Writing Challenge Day 21: Calling All Logophiles – Lover Of Words”

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