Selling On Poshmark ~ Have You Tried This Yet?

Let’s talk about selling on Poshmark.

Are you an avid side hustler? Do you, like me, from time-to-time attempt to dabble in the entrepreneurial pond? If so, here’s what I’m toying with now…

It’s a site/app called Poshmark.

Now I haven’t yet sold on the site, or even downloaded the app but I heard about to on a podcast I was listening to and thought that since I’ve done the eBay, Etsy, and Amazon thing, then why not give this one a whirl?

I also saw an ad on TV from the company that makes it seem like the whole process is easy peasy.

It also seems that they target higher-end clothing, not typical thrift store finds , though, if you’re a thrift shop aficionado, you’ll know that you can find some higher-end clothing at thrift stores too.

So allegedly, all you have to do is download the app, take pictures of what you’re selling and voila!

The truth is though, we all know that it almost never is that easy…

For starters, I learned from the podcast that you have to do a LOT of socializing within the Poshmark app in order to drive traffic to your “shop” or listings…

So much so, that there are folks whom you can pay to just generate the needed buzz to your listings while you focus on sourcing and listing.

Then off to YouTube I went… I always like to watch videos of people who are selling successfully and get tips from them. I found this lady – Bexa Boss Lady – who had some good info to share.

Check out some of her videos:

Sharing some basic tips and strategies for selling on Poshmark

And if you just want some inspiration by hearing about someone else’s success, she goes on to share about a milestone she hit earlier this year.

Need some fuel to help you get going…?

Do you currently sell on Poshmark? If so:

  • How are you doing and how are your sales going?
  • Do you enjoy it or not really…?
  • How does it compare to any other online platforms you’ve sold on?
  • Is it worth the time and effort you put into it?

I’ll be back with my blogging/writing challenge hopefully tomorrow 🙂 Check out the full list of prompts here.

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