Writing Challenge Day 22: Forgotten Freezer Finds

Do you ever look in your freezer and stumble on something in the nether regions of it only to wonder “why did I even buy this in the first place?”

Well, I do, and that’s what’s today’s wiring prompt is all about.

Here It Is…

trader joe's strawberry non-dairy frozen dessert

So, I was on a health kick (actually, I shouldn’t really call it a “health kick” because I’m pretty consistent with it) and this was one of the ingredients of my green smoothies.

I usually use frozen Greek yogurt but the grocery store stopped stocking the brand I like so I decided to try this to see if it would be a good replacement.

It wasn’t…

I went through one tub and it just didn’t give me the same taste and consistency as the frozen Greek yogurt I had grown to really enjoy.

This really did mess up my smoothie flow because without the exact ingredients I enjoy, I haven’t been able to be as consistent with my smoothies as I would like to be.

Now if only Amazon carried it, that would be just perfect.


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