You Are What You Do… Or Are You?

So I was listening to a podcast today and just as I was starting to lose patience with it one of the people on the show made a statement that immediately drew me in.

She said writers are the only ones who tend to hesitate to refer to themselves as such until they feel they have “arrived” (whatever that means to them), whereas others like actors will immediately own what they are whether or not they’re actually functioning in that role.

Specifically, she mentioned how you could go to LA or New York or wherever actors flock to and almost everyone, from the grocery store cashier to the barista at the coffee shop will proudly tell you they’re an actor whether or not they’ve gotten their big break (or any acting gigs at all for that matter).

They might never had made to any screen or stage but they own the fact that they’re an actor or actress.

On the other hand, people who strive to be writers/authors will hold off on referring to themselves as such until maybe, just maybe, they publish a book or two or ten and make it to the NY Times Bestseller list or gain some other accolade, and even then, they might still feel unworthy of the title.

I don’t consider myself to be either an actor nor a dancer but this observation rang true with me and made me laugh out loud.

It made me realize that I do the same thing as well. I don’t give myself the grace to admit what I am sometimes because I feel like I haven’t done enough to deserve it.

Why is that, I wonder.

Whose validation am I looking for before I own who and what I am? Before I name it and claim it…?

For instance, I never tell people “I’m a blogger” but instead I say things like “I have a website” or “I have a blog”. I feel like I want to be a blogger, but I’m not one, at least not yet… Right now I just have a blog.

In some roundabout way, that observation inspired me to write a post today. I often shy away from writing because I fear that what I really want to say isn’t what people want to read… I lose sight of the fact that I write for me, not for others.

For sure I’m happy if anyone else appreciates what I say but I shouldn’t mentally cripple myself worrying about what others will think about what I say in my own space.

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

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