Revisiting The Whole “Working From Home” Situation

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Back in August 2018 I wrote about how I thought working from home wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be in a post aptly titled “Working From Home: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be”.

I was feeling a mixture of emotions… I missed the camaraderie of having coworkers and the social interaction that comes with working with others, even though I’m a self-professed introvert.

The lack of social interaction affected my drive to make my entrepreneurial pursuits work… I could come up with a whole bunch of other reasons why, at the time, working from home seemed a lot less attractive to me, but I won’t go down that road.

I’ve now come full circle…

I recently rejoined the traditional workforce and became an employee once again. And now that I’m getting settled into my new “daily grind” I feel like I’m coming out of that fog of inertia.

I would never have thought that I’d be happy to be back in the daily 9-5 grind but I actually am. Having a steady regular full time job now has given me the drive and discipline to pursue a side hustle more earnestly.

So maybe my deal is that I want a day job and a side hustle and not so much that I want my own full-blown business.

Anyway, as God would have it, this particular job gives me the flexibility to work from home so I don’t always have to deal with rush hour commuting if I don’t want to, and because I get to work from home, I can easily transition over to working on my side hustle when my work day ends.

Working From Home ~ New Beginnings…

Up next… Furnishing my new dual-purpose home office.

Working from home presents it’s own challenges and the one that I am most concerned about is a sedentary lifestyle so I am trying to do as much as possible to avoid becoming a casualty of that.

I bought a secondhand stationary bicycle from someone online and that was a good $50 very well spent. It works like it’s brand new (it practically was actually, because the former owners either barely used it, or if they did, they kept it in excellent condition).

I’ve also been researching standing desks… There’s a whole of options out there and the prices run the gamut… From Costco to Ikea to of course, Amazon… There seems to be a desk for every style and taste, so finding the one that’s right for me is next project.

I know I’ll use it well because I find myself standing up or feeling like I need to stand a lot throughout the work day.

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