Robbery ~What Would You Do?

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Imagine you get robbed at knifepoint and then the thief gets hit by a car. The car speeds off, nobody else is around, and he is in extreme pain but not dead. Do you help the thief, and why?

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Why…? First and foremost, because I want my stuff back. Whatever the thief stole from me, is the very thing I’ll go for… I’ll get back my stuff first, then, I’ll help him.

No, I’m not all saintly and what not, I would make sure he (or she) was stable and steady and I’d call 911 and ask for both EMT/paramedics as well as police.

I would report what happened to the authorities once they arrive and while the paramedics are administering medical care to the thief, I would talk with the police and file charges against the thief on the spot and request a copy of the police report once it becomes available.

I need that for my records because you just never know…

As far as the person who did the hit-and-run… I won’t even lie, I’d be much less inclined to track them down simply because, hey, what goes around comes around.

If getting the license plate number was easy and convenient at the time the accident happened then yes, I’d write it down or at least try to memorize it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way or put myself in the path of danger just to get that information in a bid to help out someone who had just robbed me.

Okay, maybe it’s not about that… Right is right and wrong is wrong. Ideally, I would like that person (the driver of the hit and run car) to be held accountable for their actions and their own crime, but I think there’s a part of me that would be secretly happy that the person who robbed me got a taste of their own medicine.

I guess I have a bit of a vindictive streak… Or is it a justice bone…?

How about you? What would you do in a situation like this? Tell me in the Comments section below.

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