Open To Hearing Him & Open To Possibilities

What have I not been open to hearing from God in the past that He might want to use this season of imposed “stillness” to say to me?

I constantly ask Him to speak to me, to tell me what His will for my life is, what He wants me to do that day, that week, or in a particular situation. But soon after asking I get up and walk away, I never really wait to hear what His response is.

And so now, I wait.

I am open.

I want to hear. I want to listen.

I’m open to hearing from Him and to the possibilities of what actually hearing from Him will mean.

It occurred to me that by not listening, not only was I not truly opening myself up to hear back from God, I was actually being rude.

Think about it. If you were having a conversation with someone and they asked you a question then just got up and walked away before you had a chance to respond… That would be rude right?


Now I’m wondering what I could possibly have been missing out on all this time. What things has He wanted to say to me that I just didn’t have the patience to wait and listen for?

I am opening myself up to the possibilities now.

I am open.

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