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One Month Now & How Time Flies

Wow, it’s been one month since I┬ádecided to take on this “little” thirty minute project of mine and even though my initial goal was to spend “just half an hour” a day reading and writing, a goal which I have failed to meet, I am pleasantly pleased with myself. I removed all pressure from myself…

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So Proud Of Myself

I am so proud of myself. I got in over two hours of leisure reading today and it feels so good. Granted, the reason I could do that so easily was because I spent most of that time on a plane… I’m still reading State of Wonder and I really underestimate how good the story…

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My Books Du’jour

So yesterday, in a bid to meet my goal of reading for half an hour and doing some creative writing for half an hour a day, I picked up four new (well, not technically “new” because they are all second-hand) books at the library book sale. I haven’t yet had a chance to do any…

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