I Think It’s A Bonafide Habit Now

So it’s been about a week now since my last post and I wasn’t able to write earlier because I have been on a work trip all week. The best part of the trip was that each and every day at just about this time of the day, I got a yearning to write. I instinctively felt like I should be writing but because I was not in my regular environment with my desktop (and my laptop conveniently became defunct right before the trip…) I was stuck.

I heard or read somewhere that it takes 21 days (or is it 30 days?) to develop a habit. Well, either way, even though I have not been reading and writing for just half an hour consecutively for 21 or 30 days I feel like at least the desire to read and write for at least half an hour everyday has become a habit for me. I guess now all that’s left is to make sure the desire becomes an active habit. She’s no philosopher but I heard the words of a Madonna song in which she said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I plan to do more than just intend to read and write daily.

Yes, my dad’s blog is almost up and running now. I really don’t know for sure which one of us is more excited about it. I set it up for him and left to my own devices (which technically I am right now), I would start blogging for him as well, but he’s itching to take over the reins so I guess I will have to concede.

As I write this post I am listening to a speech given by Dr. Nabeel Qureshi about a year ago at West University Baptist Church. It was shared with me by some family members, it’s very powerful and I think I have to give it my full attention right now. πŸ™‚

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