What’s Your Best Blogging Time?

I’ve been struggling to find the best time for me to write. I committed to myself that I’d try to write daily for at least half an hour (hence the name of this blog 😉 ) but sometimes life just happens.

For me right now, life happening = a very busy season at work… January through March (and sometimes May), so I really need to figure out how to not push what I want to do all the way to back burner until Q2 2019.

I’m so impressed by the bloggers I follow who also have full lives… Families, jobs, etc., but still find the time to write on a daily or almost daily or even just a consistent basis. How do you guys do it?!?!

So I know that my most creative time of the day is the morning time… but I also love my rest. I know there’s a crowd that believes in waking up at the crack of dawn to write and I even tried to join the club… Nope… Not for me. If I’m not well-rested or half asleep my creative juices just don’t flow.

I get the wisdom behind the idea of waking up before everyone else does and getting a good chunk of the day to myself but 4am or thereabout is not my peak time.

Okay… So what next…?

After work…? After dinner…? Ordinarily that would be just fine… If I wasn’t working 12-hour days (thankfully, that’s only temporary). I almost don’t even know how I make it all the way through the workday because it seems that just as soon as I wrap up work for the day my mind completely shuts down.

Okay, that’s the end of my little rant for the day.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out, but if you’re a blogger too, do you have any tips to share on how you fit writing on a consistent basis into the rest of your life? I’d love to hear them.

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