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While in-between jobs last year I re-discovered my public library… Libraries actually. That’s because I love to read but because I was on a tight budget I couldn’t buy all the books I wanted. Thank God for public libraries!

I even discovered that they will actually buy books for you to add to their catalogue… So I traded in my Barnes & Noble Membership card for two fresh crispy library cards – one for the city libraries and one for the county libraries.

Even though I’m working full time again now, I just can’t justify going back to buying books when my libraries are such a great free alternative to spending that money.

Well… I guess I do pay for the library services in my taxes so…

All that to say that when I saw this Library Lover’s Book Tag on the Secret Library Book Blog by Nicki I just knew I wanted to jump in and do it too 🙂

Public Library
Public Library… Gotta love this place 🙂

Here Goes…

1. How Often Do You Visit The Local Library?

At least once a week, usually over the weekend to stock up on books to read for the week.

2. Are You The Type of Person Who Checks Out More Books Than You Can Read Or Are You Someone Who Checks Out The Exact Amount Of Books You Intend To Read Before They Are Due?

Ha…! I always check out waaaayyyyy more books than I can possibly read because invariably I find more books that I want to read than I can possibly read in the allotted 3 week checkout period. In my head I always seem to have more time to read than I actually do in real life but I’m still in some sort of denial about that 😉

3. How Old Were You When You Got Your First Library Card?

I don’t recall but it was definitely sometime after college (if we don’t count the one for the medical library while I was in school).

4. Do You Go To Your Library For A Particular Book Or Do You Check Out Anything That Piques Your Interest?

I check out anything and everything that piques my interest. Sometimes I will go in search of a particular book but even then, I end up spending more of my time perusing the shelves and new books sections and librarian recommendations even after I’ve found whatever I went for on my mission-specific trips.

5. Do You Only Check Out Books Or Do You Also Get DVDs, Audiobooks, etc.?

I used to check out DVDs when I had a DVD player (does anyone have those anymore? 😉 ) and I haven’t yet checked out any audiobooks though I plan to do so sometime soon. So right now it’s just physical books and magazines.

6. From What Section Of The library Do You Check Out Most Of Your Books?

Mystery… Thriller… Business/Career… Crafts… Writing… Inspirational Fiction.

7. What Is Your Favourite Part Of Using Your Local Library?

Hands down, it has got to be that everything is available for free. Not just the books, but also the free classes, both in-person as well as online through some amazing premium online learning platforms. Things that I would otherwise have to pay for, I get for free just because I have that lovely little plastic card! 🙂

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  1. […] previously mentioned in a post that I traded in my Barnes & Noble membership for library cards to my public library and I did so for multiple reasons, the main one being for financial […]


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