On Getting A Prompting From God

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If you’re a Christ follower what I’m about to say next won’t sound crazy odd to you but if you aren’t it might…

You know how you get a very strong prompting to do something and it’s usually a “something” that, of your own volition, you probably wouldn’t gravitate toward doing…?

Yeah… I got one of those and I’ve fought it for a while.

I would like to read through the Bible but not just to get through it but but to get the most I can out of it. I want to read through it and really digest what it is saying and how I can apply what I read and learn to my life.

Setting Goals: Reading through the Bible

There are lots of “Read Through The Bible” bibles out not the market, and many One-Year Bibles as well and I’ve used these in the past. Unfortunately, I always felt rushed because there was so much to get through in one day…

This led to me falling behind which in turn led to subsequent guilty feelings because I wasn’t meeting my daily reading, and on and on it went.

It finally occurred to me that God would not want me to be feel that type of condemnation, especially since my intentions were good… I really just wanted to get to know Him better.

So what to do…?

And that’s when I got the prompting… What would be a nice comfortable pace for me? What would work for me? I needed a plan (and yes, in order to stay on track, I like to make plans) and it had to be one that took into consideration the rhythm and responsibilities of my life.

Answer: Create a Bible reading plan with smaller daily reading portions that allowed for more time to digest it, journal, and even dig deeper with commentaries as needed.

The idea seemed good to me but I fought it… How could I possibly take on the monumental task of dividing up the Bible into more comfortable daily reading chunks? So I just pushed it to the back of my mind and kept on pushing it.

But lately, a series of event have occurred and people have crossed my path that have reinforced this “assignment” and made me realize that I really need to get on the ball with this.

The project is underway and I’m gradually chipping away at it. I hope that anyone else who wants something like this will find it useful as well when it’s finally done.


Following Up:

I’ve been quietly working away on the two projects I mentioned in my last blog post and I’ve gotten some additional clarity on which path to pursue for now.

I completed one Pinterest course which I found to be somewhat outdated and later found a more up-to-date one that I’m currently working through. I also started the copy editing course but quite frankly, I decided that trying to do both at same time was hindering my progress in both.

So I picked the Pinterest marketing track. More to follow later.

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