Writing Challenge Day 20: What’s In Your Wallet?

So I think part of the reason it took me so long to get back to this is because I realized that today’s topic didn’t really inspire me but I couldn’t just skip it… So I resorted to procrastination.

Well, no more. I’m just going to get it over and done with and move forward.

Unusual Items In My Purse

Nothing actually… I looked inside it and there wasn’t anything unusual or particularly worthy of writing an entire blog post around. I guess I’m just boring like that.

In Other News

Do you know that feeling you have when you start a new job? That feeling of being lost… Out of your element… Not knowing how to “do” your new job…

And feeling like you’ll never really get “good” at it?

I’m there right now. I’m really loving the work I get to do now especially because it’s a whole new practice setting for me, but I feel so fresh and young in the job that I can’t even imagine the day coming when I will actually feel comfortable in these new shoes.

I hope it comes soon though… Beginning anything new is always hard for me.

In Other Other News…

I’m reading two books right now and exploring new types of podcasts to listen to.

In the past I listened to an abundance of podcasts targeted towards small business owners and entrepreneurs but now I feel like all the information, “actionable advice” and even guests are all recycled and they’re all saying the same thing and I just am quite bored with it all right now.

So I’ve been branching out and listening to more audio dramas (two of which were recently made into actual TV shows with some big-name stars)! I like to think I discovered them long before Hollywood came a-knockin’ but I’m happy for them.

If you like listening to audio dramas as well, I’d be happy to hear any recommendations you have… I’m on the hunt for new shows to binge-listen to 😉


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